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The #1 most powerful way to sell your grain.

Grain Pricing Tools.
No Margin.
Play the basis.

access Pricing Tools with Flex delivery to any elevator

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I'm worried about margin calls
I deliver to multiple grain elevators
I get advice from commodity broker
thousands of farmers sell grain 
through farmer's Keeper... Why?
Why Sell My grain through Farmer's Keeper?
Why Producers Work With Farmer's Keeper
Our Team
We are NOT a commodity brokerage or grain marketing advisor trying to predict which way the grain markets will go... 
That's impossible.
Farmer’s Keeper is a service that provides no-margin futures Pricing Tools (HTAs, Min/Max, Accumulators) delivered to any grain elevator. 
If you deliver to more than 1 elevator and want to avoid margin calls, it probably makes sense to sell some of your grain through us.
What our customer say about us
Are you a Futures & Options broker?
No! We’re a service that Farmers use to hedge their grain without margin calls or committing bushels to an elevator before they’re ready to set basis.
We don’t know where the grain markets are going. No one does. We’re not trying to predict them for you. We help navigate them.
I work with a commodity broker/ grain marketer. Can I use your service?
Yes! Most of the Farmers selling grain through our service employ their own grain marketer for risk management advice. In fact, we’re happy to recommend one for you if you’re looking for a broker.
We’re a service you can use to act on hedging decisions without having to worry about margin calls or committing bushels to an elevator before you’re ready to set basis. NOT a broker trying to sell you on a grain marketing plan.
What Pricing Tools do you offer?
Click to see our full Menu of Pricing Tools
What is your contract minimum?
5,000 Bushels (Corn, Soybeans, Wheat)
Whose name is on my grain settlement?
Yours! Select what entity you like to be paid as and a settlement statement will be generated for you. This can be used for FSA and Crop Insurance filings.
How do I set my basis?
Call your local elevator/ grain buyer and make a basis contract just like usual.
Grain Pricing Tools. No margin. Delivered Anywhere. 
The #1 most powerful Way to Sell your grain

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